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  • Projects170
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Infographics are an attractive and important tool for formulating and representing data, and it keeps pace with the insight of the development in the presentation and representation of data by presenting infographics that summarize the results of its surveys in a new and attractive image.

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Women's Observatory

The Egyptian Women's Observatory is a website aims at following up the implementation of the Women's Status Targets from 2015 to 2030 through:
  1.Compiling and displaying indicators values on an interactive website.
  2.Preparing a set of periodic reports on the status of women and the gender gap.
  3.Listing and presenting laws related to women.

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Service was launched in September 2012

It is a daily information service available to all citizens through E-mail and WhatsApp Channel for Free, and aiming at bridging gaps in relation to many of the public policies issues, It also adds a vital evidence-based dimension to community discussions which can effectively contribute to formulate the policies.

#Nes2alak App

Nes2alak is a mobile application that aims to connect users in a way that helps them ask questions and get answers to enable them to learn about the opinions of others on topics of interest to them, and the “Nes2alak” application increases the ability of users to expand participation in various societal issues.

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#Baseera IBank

Basera Information Portal: It is an information portal that aims to make available data and information issued by the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research “Baseera” and facilitate its use as a reference in research, books, dissertations, bulletins, scientific articles, and various journalistic purposes.

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